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Registered AddFOSHAN
Type of businessWe are focused on metal ceiling,curtain wall, architectural louver and troffer lights and so on.
Main MarketGlobal
Number of Employees500
Annual salesOne hundred million
Established inyear 1996

TCC devoted to design and manufacture of products: aluminum ceiling, metal ceiling, metal curtain wall, metal pillar protect, and also external aluminum louver for luxury high class buildings. We provide excellent installation of projects as well as other related service for our clients. We hope to create an artistic and unique environment for unique designs to our costumer.

When we came out to the market, through the combination of our high class quality of metal building products and the excellent ideas from our designers, we create our own values in the market that providing products with both comfort and beauty which others cannot be done. We connect beauty and function together into a project in order to provide our customer an excellent solution of metal ceiling system.

Designers want to turn their ideas and imaginations into reality through building’s structure and its style. However, the materials and products are keys to achieve that. TCC products are not only able to satisfy the need and requirement for project engineering, but also able to comply the unique ideas from designers into the project buildings. We, TCC, have already earned respect and recognition from the market because it is a fact that our products have been widely used in the airport, train station, subway station, commercial buildings and other areas.

We share our products to the world and believe that we can transfer thousands of ideas from designers into reality through the application of our metal materials. In the future, the destiny of TCC is to become a legend in the market of building material.

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