• Commercial Ceiling-lighting Integration system

    Commercial Ceiling-lighting Integration system

    TCC is creating several series of commercial system combining ceiling and lighting together. Lights will merge into the ceiling system so that the overall suspension will become more integrated and ea

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  • Dalian International Convention Center

    Dalian International Convention Center

    This project was designed by COOPHIMMELBLAU, one of the most influential design groups in the world. It was another masterpiece of Deconstructivism architecture. The construction was composed by 200,0

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  • Guiyang Longdongbao Interational Airport

    Guiyang Longdongbao Interational Airport

    The new terminal was finished in 2012 and put into use in April, 2013. The ceiling was composed of 300W linear ceiling and double curved panel for light absorption. The gaps between each set of standa

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  • Hangzhou East Railroad Station

    Hangzhou East Railroad Station

    This project is finished in 2013 with a total area of 153,000 ceilings products. TCC provided pillar cladding plates, linear ceiling panels, non-standard aluminum panels, and curved aluminum panels. T

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